Saint Sophia Cathedral was founded in 1921 at Hayes and Pierce Streets in San Francisco. In 1928, the community moved to its present day location on Valencia Street. In 1936, the community reorganized after bankruptcy and became Annunciation Cathedral. Annunciation serves as the cathedral church for the San Francisco Greek Orthodox Metropolis.

This list contains only presiding priests and assistant priests have been omitted.


1. Father Philaretos Ioannides (photo)

1921 - 1923

(He would later become the first bishop of the Chicago Diocese and then Metropolitan of Syros)

2. Father Pythagoras Caravellas (photo album)

1923 - 1929

3. Father Spyridon Spyropoulos (photo)

1929 - 1936

(He would later become the first priest of the San Diego Greek community)

4. Father Constantine Tsapralis (photo album)

1936 - 1942

(see biography)

(He was the first priest at Holy Trinity and served until 1936. He served at Annunciation from 1936 until his passing in 1942)

5. Father Vasilios (Basil) Lokis (photo)

1936 - 1943

(see biography)

(He would later serve in the OSS during World War II and returned to the US to serve at another parish)

6. Father Timothy Pantelakos (photo)

1943 - 1944

7. Father Polyeftktos Finfinis (photo)

1944 - 1955

(He would later become bishop of the Pittsburgh Diocese)

8. Father Meletios Tripodakis (photo)

1955 - 1961

(He would later become bishop of the San Francisco Diocese)

9. Father John Geranios  (photo)

1961 -  1971

10. Father Theophilos P. Theophilos (photo)

1971 - 1987

11. Father Stephen Kyriacou (photo)

1987 - Present

(see biography)

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