Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is the oldest Greek Orthodox parish west of Chicago and the eighth oldest church within the present day Archdiocese. 

Holy Trinity's history is unique in the sense that for the first twenty years there were several priests serving the parish concurrently. In many ways, the parish functioned like a cathedral church. Priests traveled throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona ministering to the Orthodox faithful.

The list below is only for presiding priests. Assistant priests are not included.  In Holy Trinity's history there's been only one assistant priest, Father Constantine Efstathiou (served with Father Anthony Kosturos).  Father James Adams served as an interim priest between Michael Pappas and Father Aris Metrakos. 


1. Rev. Father Constantine Tsapralis, 1903 - 1908, 1909 - 1936
(photo album), (biography)

2. Rev. Father Gerontios Koutouzis, (photo), 1907 -1908
(He later became the first priest of the Los Angeles Greek community)

3. Rev. Father Stefanos Makaronis (photo), 1908 - 1909
(In 1909 the King of Greece awarded him the silver cross of the order of the chevalier and the Holy Savior).

4. Archimandritis Kallistos Papageorgopoulos (photo), 1910 - 1919
(He later became the first bishop of San Francisco in 1927)

5. Rev. Fr. Dorotheos Bourazanis (photo), (see biography), 1919 -1920

6. Archimandritis Philaretos Ioannides (photo), 1920 - 1921
(He later became the first priest of the St. Sophia/Annunciation community, the first bishop of the Chicago Diocese, and then Metropolitan of Syros)

7. Rev. Father George Sardounis (photo), 1921 - 1923, 1939 - 1940, 1943

8. Archimandritis Athenagoras Kavadas (photo), 1921 - 1927
(He later became rector of the Holy Cross Institute in Brookline, then Bishop of Boston, then auxiliary bishop the Archdiocese of America, then Metropolitan of Philadelphia. He then became Archbishop of Great Britain)

9. Archimandritis Eirineos Kassimatis (photo), 1927-1932
(He later became bishop of Abydos)

10. Rev. Father Vasilios Lokis (photo),(biography), 1936

11. Rev. Dionysios Demessianos (photo), (biography), 1936 -1939
(at the time he served, he had been laicized by the Greek Orthodox Church and was serving independent parishes)

12. Rev. Father Amfilohios Sarantides (photo), 1939 - 1940

13. Rev. Father George Mystakides (photo), 1940 - 1941

14. Archimandritis Ambrosios Mandilaris (photo), 1939 - 1943
(He later became the first priest of the Santa Barbara Greek community)

15. Rev. Father John Petropoulos (photo), 1943 - 1947

16. Archimandritis Germanos Papanagiotou (photo), 1947

17. Archimandritis Benedictos Papagiankopoulos (photo), 1947 1948
(He later became the first priest of the Byron Hot Springs, CA mission)

18. Archhimandritis Arsenios Pallikaris (photo), 1948 - 1949

19. Rev. Father George Paulson (Pavloglou) (photo album), 1949 - 1953
(He was the first American born priest to serve at Holy Trinity and the first Greek Orthodox priest to serve as a Navy chaplain)

20. Rev. Father Gus Shepard (photo), 1953

21. Rev. Father Constantine Bithos (Bithitsikis) (photo), 1953 -1955

22. Rev. Father Anthony Kosturos (photo album) (weekly radio recordings), (autobiography), 1955 - 2004

23. Mr. Michael Pappas (photo), (see biography), 2004 - 2007

24. Rev. Father Aris Metrakos (photo), (see biography), June 8, 2008 - Present


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