Information in this timeline was derived from actual source documents, ie. deeds and building permits, etc. Holy Trinity is the eighth oldest church within the present day Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and the oldest Greek church west of Chicago.


Members of the Greek community meet at Druids Hall, elect trustees, for building a Greek church.  The church going population is estimated at 2000.


Von Rhein Real Estate Company sells Alexander Kosta lot on northeast line of Seventh street with odd improvements, east from Cleveland. 50x70, $5750.


Fr. Constantine Tsapralis, Holy Trinity's first priest, arrives in the United States. He is 33 years old.


First Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity, Christmas Day.


Holy Trinity files papers to incorporate with the state of California. Ioannis Kapsimalis becomes the community's first president.


Alexander Kosta sells Holy Trinity lot on NE line of Seventh Street, 25 SE of Cleveland, SE 50 by NE 75, $6000.


Presbytera Eleni Tsapralis, son Vasilios (age 4), daughter Afroditi (age 8), son George (age 14), and nephew Apostolos (age 19) arrive in the United States.


1906 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire


Holy Trinity community holds meeting at 1735 Market Street to review plans for a new church. Architect S. Andrio plan was approved.


Bulding Permit: Rebuilding of Holy Trinity after the 1906 earthquake.
Cost: $20,000
Contractor : R. R. Thompson, San Francisco.


Holy Trinity church is dedicated. Church has a roof, the interior is rough, canvas covers the windows, the door is not in place. The outside is completed, yet not painted. Church is decorated in evergreens.


Building Permit: Repairs, changes and alterations to the church.
Cost: $5,900
Contractor: Thomas Stouras, San Francisco.


Building Permit: Lathing. Work on exterior and interior walls.
Cost: $950
Contractor: Spiros Partidas and Peter Morrison, San Francisco.


Building Permit: Plastering and scaffolding.
Cost: $1,150.
Contractor: Spiros Partidas, Stavros Stanopoulos.


King George of Greece awards Holy Trinity priest  Fr. Stefanos Macaronis the silver cross of the order of the chevalier of the order of the Holy Savior. Award is presented by Greek Consul  Richard de Fontana.  Fr. Macaronis had been serving Holy Trinity since March 1908.


The Holy Trinity community votes to establish the first Greek School west of Chicago.


Building Permit: Enlargement of balcony for greater seating capacity
Cost: $280
Contractor: Peter Megas, 3676 19th Street, San Francisco


Deed: Holy Trinity receives title to property located at 35 Stanley Place, at the top of Rincon Hill. At the time, the property was being used as Holy Trinity's offices and the Alexander the Great Meeting Hall. The property had been used by the community since 1908. The owner of the property, Peter Bergevin, willed the property to Holy Trinity upon his death 12/27/1911.


The Holy Trinity community files a document at San Francisco Recorder’s Office stating that a mortgage loan to the Hellenic Mutual Benevolent Society filed 7/4/1908 has been fully paid and discharged. This was for the rebuilding of Holy Trinity after the 1906 earthquake and fire.


Deed: Domenico A. Alberti, a dentist, deeds a small parcel of land to Holy Trinity from the corner of 7th and Cleveland Streets to where the church starts. Currently its the place where there is a tiny patch of a garden and 4 parking spaces. The property measures 75x25 ft.


Building Permit: Raise present church and move to center of lot, and build room underneath.  Cut down height of church towers. Build two new stairways to gallery. Walls under church to be reinforced concrete  cols., ties and girders, reinforced concrete, interior beams steel. Front stairway to church reinforced construction. Boiler room for steam heat plant of reinforced concrete, and to the rear of lot outside.

Cost: $15,000
Architect: John Bowers, 460 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.


The Holy Trinity community files a document at San Francisco Recorder’s Office stating that a mortgage loan to the Hellenic Mutual Benevolent Society filed 5/17/1915 has been fully paid and discharged.


Building Permit: Construction of a brick storefront on the corner of 7th & Cleveland Streets. Storefront to be 16ft by 50ft deep (constructed in the courtyard). Storefront to be rented to one or more businesses to provide income to Holy Trinity.

Cost: $500
Rev. Athenagoras Kavadas approved on behalf of Holy Trinity.
Designed and built by E. Galerie (Street Engineer), 628 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.


The Holy Trinity community files a document at San Francisco Recorder’s Office stating that a mortgage loan to North American Title has been fully paid and discharged as of 5/23/1923.  Going into the Great Depression, Holy Trinity had no outstanding loans.


The Holy Trinity community files a document at the San Francisco Recorder's Office stating that Fr. Constantine Tsapralis and Presvytera Eleni Tsapralis release all claim to Holy Trinity Church and the property. The document is signed by Holy Trinity's parish council president, Fr. Tsapralis, and Presvytera Eleni.


Building Permit: Building Permit: Install pews per plans
Cost: $1,800
Contractor not listed


Stock Market Crash. The beginning of the Great Depression.


Presvytera Eleni Tsapralis passes away. After Presvytera Eleni's passing Father Tsapralis was given the title of Archimandrite by Archbishop Athenagoras and given the name "Benjamin". Presvytera Eleni is interred at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Colma.

7/1/1936 - 10/23/1936

On 7/1/1936, the Holy Trinity community files a restraining order preventing Father Basil Lokis from entering Holy Trinity property creating a major schism within the Greek community. The restraining order was related to Fr. Lokis attempt to merge Holy Trinity and Annunciation. In addition several injunctions were filed. Legal action was settled on 10/23/1936 which led to Fr. Lokis' dismissal from Holy Trinity.  Fr. Lokis and Fr. Tsapralis were hired by Annunciation and over half of Holy Trinity's parishioners left to go to Annunciation.


Fr. Constantine Tsapralis, Holy Trinity's first priest, was awarded $1320 in back pay in his law suit against Holy Trinity. His salary was reduced by $20 per month in 1930 because he opposed a church lottery fundraiser.


Japan attacks Pearl Harbor


Fr. Constantine Tsapralis, Holy Trinity's first priest, passes away. He is interred at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Colma, CA


World War II - Victory in Europe (V-E Day)- Surrender of German forces in Berlin


World War II - Victory over Japan (V-J Day)- Announcement of Surrender


Building Permit: Removal of stairways from basement hall to church. Patch ceiling in hall>
Cost: $600
Contractor: A.A. Tilslou, 2845 26th Avenue, Oakland, CA


Building Permit: Installation of restrooms in compliance with current building code

Cost: $4,900
Contractor: James K. Vrettos, 845 Calmar Avenue, Oakland, CA


Building Permit: Replacement of part of the altar damaged in fire. Replace painting.
Cost: $2,000
Contractor: Maurice Gonzales, 620 Le Grande Avenue, San Francisco.

Relating to Holy Trinity on Brotherhood Way


The Holy Trinity community makes the winning bid to purchase 8.85 acres on Stanley Drive (later renamed Brotherhood Way) at an auction of surplus SF city property


Purchase date and transfer of title for the Brotherhood Way property


Building Permit: Erect sign (future site of Holy Trinity)


Holy Trinity Church dedicated


Building Permit: For the building of Holy Trinity Church


Construction begins on Holy Trinity Church


First Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Church.  Dedication ceremony


Building Permit: Extension of bridge outside church


Holy Trinity is consecrated by His Grace, Bishop Demetrios of Olympos


Building Permit: Omission of gutter at school


Loma Prieta Earthquake.


Building Permit: Building of the George & Tula Christopher Center


Building Permit: Christopher Center (additional needed work)


Building Permit: Installation of underground fire sprinkler system


Building Permit: Installation of fire sprinkler system (overhead)


Building Permit: Grading permit & hillside reconstruction


Building Permit: Montoring sub own control fire permit


Building Permit: Fire alarm control panel


Building Permit: Renewal of permit application for final sign-off only


Building Permit: Extension for building permit.


Building Permit: Renewal of permit application (fire sprinkler/life safety permits); renewal for final sign-off only


Father Anthony Kosturos' 50th Anniversary Celebration of his ordination to the priesthood


Fr. Anthony Kosturos, Holy Trinity's priest for 49 years, passes away. He is interred at Greek Orthodox Memorial Park in Colma, CA


Father Michael Pappas transferred from St. Basils - Stockton to Holy Trinity. He becomes Holy Trinity's 23rd presiding priest.


Holy Trinity's 100 Anniversary Celebration is celebrated at the historic Palace Hotel in San Francisco


A solemn Centennial Memorial Service of 1906 Earthquake & Fire is held at the old Holy Trinity Church at 345 7th Street


Building Permit: Mens' & womens' bathroom upgrade. Add exit lights & max occupancy signs & barrier removal items.  Add exterior concrete ADA ramp at existing entrance to bridge.


Father Michael Pappasis suspended from active ministry by His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos


Father Michael Pappas writes a letter to the Holy Trinity community stating that he was unfaithful to his wife and asks to be released from the priesthood. He is subsequently laicized.


Building Permit: Renewal application for final inspection


Building Permit: Contract drawings for construction of church dome pantokrator mosaic - install framing for lath and plaster


Building Permit: Install framework of circular steel pipes to serve as a structure to support a new lath and cement plaster finish on interior dome of church.  Disabled access work to be submitted as a separate permit.


Father Aris Metrakos appointed as Holy Trinity's 24th presiding priest. He had been serving Holy Trinity Church, Columbia, South Caroliina.


Father Aris Metrakos' first Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity.


Father Anthony Kosturos Memorial Plaque Dedication.


Traffic signals were installed at the church entrance to Holy Trinity providing safe access into and out of church property. George Samoulides expedited this $150,000 project with the city at no cost to the church.


Building Permit: Upgrade fire suppression system. Hood plan for kitchen


Building Permit: Classroom building plan for daycare

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