The Memoirs of Peter Boudoures


Edited by John B. Vlahos

For over fifty years, beginning in 1925, Peter Boudoures (Epaminondas Voudoures) was one of the most influential members of the Greek community of San Francisco. In 1965 he dictated his memoirs in ten sessions over a period of many months, on an old fashion wire recorder. It was later transcribed into 165 typewritten pages. The text had overlaps and duplications in the transcript that required editing. Some sentences covered ten lines, or more, and included five or more phrases. Some topics were mentioned two or three times in different parts of the manuscript. In order to make the story flow smoothly I have attempted to present the biography, as much as possible, in chronological order, and by topic. The transcript has been edited in such a manner so as to preserve the author's style of speech and to allow the author's fascinating character and personality to come alive. His vocabulary was better than average for an immigrant. His grammar was poor, at best. Reading his transcript was like reading an oration. Converting it into enjoyable reading was a challenge.

I knew Peter personally. He often visited my father's grocery store, (it was two blocks from his restaurant), to discuss the issues of the day. I have added information from my personal observations and from oral history indicated by paragraphs enclosed in parenthesis.

In his memoirs Peter Boudoures says it all! From his early days in Greece, to his humble beginnings in the United States, to his financial, political and social successes in this country, his story is one of hard work, shrewd dealings and determination to get ahead. In the process of succeeding he developed a massive ego. That, combined with his fiery temper, temporarily brought him down. He eventually rebuilt his good name and spent the last two decades of his life as the patriarch of the Greek Community of San Francisco. His is the story of every immigrant who ever came to this country, and then some!.

John B. Vlahos

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