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The SF Greek Historical Society will be meeting Sat. Jan. 13th at the Taraval Police Station Community Room. See ou… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

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HAPS Greek Letters Day Luncheon scheduled for Sun. Feb 11th at Annunciation Cathedral. Metropolitan Gerasimos will be honored.

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The economic crisis in Greece has affected many.  The latest statistics show that unemployment has reached 28%. Unemployment among Greek youth is higher. Greek citizens are looking for work in other countries.

Over the past year we have received at least 20 emails from Greek citizens asking about jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We reply to every email. If you are a Greek citizen and considering coming to San Francisco we recommend doing the following:

-- You need to able to work legally in the United States.   You need the right work visa. Companies will require it.  Contact the American Embassy in Athens or Thesseloniki and discuss your options with them. They will offer you the best advice.  If you cannot get the right visa the US government holds a green card lottery (http://www.usagreencardlottery.org/).  You may think that the odds are not great but we have known Greeks who have won a green card and have come to the USA.  Apply!

If you are able to get the right visa please continue reading.

-- The culture in the United States is different.  We have met Greeks who have come here and within 18 months they missed their family, friends, and the lifestyle they had in Greece and they moved back to Greece.  It’s important to think carefully about this decision.  Talk to your family and friends.  Get advice.  You need to be sure you are making this decision for the right reasons.

-- The economy in this area is improving. There are more jobs.

-- There are more technology jobs in this area than any other business sector. If you are looking for a technology job, you will have an easier time finding work. We can help you network and introduce you to people that can help you.

-- We receive emails and CVs  that are only in Greek. That’s is OK for us. If your goal is to work in Greek restaurant or Greek business your English skills might not matter as much. However, if you want to work in an American corporation you need excellent English skills. If you write to us, write in English.  If you send us a CV, send it in English.

-- If you apply for a job and receive a letter or phone call for an interview, you have to be here in person to interview.  This will take some planning, time, and effort on your part.

-- If you have children, you need to consider the right school depending on their age.

-- If you need advice on where to live, please ask us.

-- We can certainly help you network with the Greek community in the San Francisco area.  There are about 27,000 people of Greek heritage in the San Francisco area (San Francisco and the surrounding cities).

-- If you get a job in San Francisco, you do not have to live in San Francisco.   There are trains, buses, and ferries that connect bay area cities.  There are many options.

If you have a question please write to us. We understand how difficult it is to find work in Greece now.  We wish you the best in finding a job.

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